The Carson Council recently attempted to pass what would have been the strictest gun control regulations in all of Southern California. And that’s saying something. However, local 2A supporters came out against the measures, and in the end, the Carson Council couldn’t get it done. And the mayor didn’t appreciate it one bit.

“I am a little surprised,” said Mayor Albert Robles, according to “They all talk about wanting to do what’s best for the city and protecting our residents, but today they failed, and that’s very, very surprising and disappointing to me.”

However, several Carson residents saw it completely differently. Dozens of residents came out and said the resolution only empowered criminals while infringing on their 2nd Amendment rights. They also promised it cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees when they took the city to court, reported

“It was completely unconstitutional,” Dean Silva, a resident, said. “Everything that he was trying to implement was unconstitutional. The only thing that would have done was limit the law-abiding natural second amendment rights. It does nothing to stop crime.”

The city already bans the sale or possession of “assault weapons,” along with strict regulations on the sale and/or purchase of ammunition. The new resolutions would have expanded on what are already some of the strictest gun control policies in the country. For the eight gun dealers in Carson, they clearly felt under siege.

“It hurts not to have the support of the elected representative of the community that you love and that you participate in,” Jack Brandhorst, a gun shop owner, said, reported “It’s painful. It’s a punch in the gut, and it’s reactionary and very obviously virtue signaling.”

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