A Rockdale County homeowner shot and killed three masked teenagers during a shootout in the man’s home in Georgia Monday. Multiple reports describe an exchange of gunfire between the teens — ages 15, 16 and 16 — and the homeowner.

Georgia Homeowner Shoots Armed Teens

The incident took place in the early morning hours, when the three teens approached the residence and attempted to rob three individuals in the front yard, according to a Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office statement. A suspect pulled a gun and fired at residents. Then the homeowner pulled a gun of his own, returning fire.

“They did discover masks on the young men,” said Sheriff Eric Levett, according to “That rose our suspicions.”

Remarkably, none of the three residents suffered any injuries, according to Rockville County Sheriff’s Office. However, all three suspects suffered gun shot wounds and died, one on the scene and two at a local hospital.

“Upon our arrival, the deceased was at the edge of a driveway and partially in the roadway,” Levett said, according to “The other young man was a little bit down the street, where it appears he was running.”

“I heard somebody yell for help … then I heard it again, and that’s when I came outside,” said neighbor Carlos Watson, reported “There was one gentleman laid out and our neighbor Mr. Jenkins was helping him out.”

That neighbor, Brian Jenkins, waited until deputies arrived on the scene before going outside to check on the teen lying in his yard. Jenkins observed a mask around the suspect’s neck and a wound around the shoulder area, reported

“I told him to just calm down and relax,” he said, according to “It will be OK, just stop moving.”

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