Well that escalated quickly. We reported on Sept. 3 that Walmart decided it no longer wanted anyone to open carry in any of its stores. A few days later in Kentucky, a man decided to test the water on that new policy. So Walmart called the cops, the issued the man a lifetime ban to all stores nationwide.

Walmart Bans Man Nationwide

Footage shows several officers respond to the man open carrying in a Lexington, Kentucky Walmart. Police already have stopped the man, and they are assisting Walmart officials in issuing a lifetime ban from all Walmart stores. The open carrier comes across as both shocked and disappointed. The store officials won’t even let him buy the items in his cart.

“Walmart refuses to sell to me,” the man says.

One officer finally steps forward and lets out a his frustration over the situation.

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” the officer asks. He says with the recent mass shootings, especially that one happened in a Walmart store, a call such as this requires a response. He points out that seven officers came to this store in response to his open carry. “We put the entire public at risk to a certain extent every time we do that.”

But again, he also points out the man broke no laws.

This video, in a nutshell, illustrates the divide over open carry, even within the 2A community. By the reaction of those officers, they clearly understand what is happening. The customer, open carrying while being filmed, is most likely doing this for show, to make a point.

And one officer, more concerned with carrying out his duties, and the impact on the community, voices his personal and professional concerns. The man broke no laws. The company has a right to ban him. That’s it.

We fully understand the importance of retaining the right to open carry. However, when we see stunts such as these, it’s fair to question if they do more harm than good. Time will tell. The headline “Walmart Bans Man Nationwide,” might just happen again soon.

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