Sometimes, the bad guys simply walk into the wrong house. Such was the case in São Paulo, Brazil recently when five masked intruders, at least two of them armed, stormed into a private residence. But the homeowner legally owned a handgun of his own, and he used it to turn the bad guys away.

Brazilian Homeowner Fights Off Intruders

Footage shows a silver vehicle enter the garage of a private home. Reports say the men somehow hacked the remote control signal to the garage, gaining access. Then a gang of five masked men pour out of the vehicle. Footage shows that at least two men are armed, as they head inside. With guns and bags, it’s clear these men arrived with bad intentions.

“But as they ventured upstairs they were met by the furious homeowner who blasted a pistol at them at point-blank range and sent them fleeing in terror – leaving behind their vehicle,” reported

Interior footage shows a man, later identified as the homeowner, after disappearing, reappear with a pistol. He fires several shots while maintaining a semblance of cover around the stairwell. After watching the bad guys flee, the homeowner maintains his position at the top of the stairs, scanning for additional threats. The Brazilian homeowner does about as good as can be expected during such a chaotic home defense scenario.

Exterior footage shows the five suspects hightail it out of the residence. “One he starts returning fire, those guys forgot that they left the oven on,” said video narrator John Correia, describing the fleeing criminals.

“Police said no arrests have been made but one of the bungling crooks dropped his wallet, ID card and mobile phone at the crime scene,” reported

Police didn’t know if any suspects were hit by gunfire during the shooting. The resident, who owned the handgun legally, turned the pistol into police for the investigation, according to Let’s hope the bad guys don’t return before he gets it back.

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