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Dick's Sporting Goods' stock fell after an announcement saying sales dropped more than predicted.
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Dick’s Sporting Goods made headlines once again yesterday, and yes, once again, it’s over gun control. Multiple national news networks reported Dick’s CEO Ed Stack said his company destroyed $5 million worth of “assault rifles” recently. The destruction of perfectly good AR-15s comes as part of Dick’s increasingly anti-gun stance toward all things black gun.

News of Stack’s remarkable altruism just happens coincide with the release of his new book, according to usatoday.com. Of course of it does.

Dick’s CEO Ed Stack Admits to Destroying Semi-Autos

“I said, ‘You know what? If we really think these things should be off the street, then we need to destroy them,'” Stack told CBS News, reported usatoday.com. In his new book, “It’s How We Play the Game: Build a Business. Take a Stand. Make a Difference,” the CEO doubled down on gun control activism. In it, he tells how the company, rather than return product to manufacturers, instead “sawed $5 million worth of rifles into scrap,” reported usatoday.com.

For Dick’s, sawing semi-autos in half represents the latest in a cascading decent into corporate gun control. Following the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, the store first pulled ARs from stores.

“All we were going to do was just take it off the shelf and not say anything,” Stack said, according to usatoday.com. “We thought we’d get a little bit of a backlash, but we didn’t expect to get what we got.”

Then following Parkland, Dick’s pulled standard- and high-capacity magazines (all referred to as high-cap by Dick’s) from stores. The store also made it requirement customers be at least 21 years old to buy a firearm.

“We found out we sold this kid a shotgun and I said, ‘We’re done,” Stack told CBS, according to usatoday.com. “Even though that’s not the gun he used, it could have been.”

The moral to this story is simple: Don’t be Dick’s, and support the fine companies that represent 2A culture.

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