The Fix It Sticks All-In-One Torque Driver Kit belongs in every range bag.

Fix it Sticks, manufacturer of modular firearms maintenance tools and torque limiters, recently introduced its newest tool, the All-In-One torque driver. The All-In-One comes in a complete kit or individually. It provides six torque values most commonly used by expert and professional shooters into one compact driver.

The All-In-One proves quick and easy because there are no settings to adjust before use. Simply install any 1/4-inch bit or socket as needed and tighten the fastener until proper torque is achieved. A precise, graduated torque scale is laser etched on the side to indicate the torque value as its applied. The settings marked include 15in/lb, 25in/lb, 35in/lb, 45in/lb, 55in/lb and 65in/lb. The All-In-One also works to apply torque in between specified settings.

The new All-In-One Torque Driver Kit comes with the Fix It Sticks T-handle wrench. The wrench works with any 1/4-inch hex bit. It’s designed for portability or for using either as a standard T-handle, or bit can be inserted into the opposing T-handle ends for more torque. The kit comes with a 1/2-inch socket and fifteen 1/4-inch hex bits. Common uses include scope mounts, action screws and other firearm accessories. The entire kit fits in a zippered soft carrying case. Meanwhile, a molded bit holder securely organizes any bit or accessory with a 1/4-inch base. The All-In-One Torque Driver works with any 1/4-inch hex drive or hex bit.

The All-In-One Torque Driver Kit makes a perfect addition to any range bag. The kit retails for $112, while the All-In-One Torque Driver costs $60. For more information, visit

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