Fletcher Cox is a large, powerful man. The NFL pro makes his living clogging up the middle for the Philadelphia Eagles. Listed at 6-foot-4, 310 pounds, Cox is a Super Bowl champion, All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler. Much of that success came via a remarkable ability to use brute force and violence to bend the will of offensive linemen, stuff opposing running backs and strike fear into quarterbacks. Yet when trouble came knocking at home, he turned to the everyman’s defense, a shotgun.

NFL’s Fletcher Cox Uses Shotgun for Home Defense

When a suspect carrying a baseball bat attempted to break into the NFL star’s home recently, Cox used a shotgun to scare away the assailant. After initially eluding police, U.S. Marshals apprehended the suspect, identified as Corbyn Nyemah, last week, according to

Court documents say the suspect came calling to find his ex-girlfriend, but Nyemah allegedly damaged her vehicle, along with Cox’s front door after attempting to forcibly enter, according to Footage also showed the suspect attempt to enter Cox’s garage multiple times while wielding a baseball bat.

The suspect admitted much of what the criminal complaint says is true, according to Nyemah allegedly sent the woman a picture, via tex, while brandishing a firearm. This allegedly occurred after the police pursuit, according to

Meanwhile, the NFL, famously keeps a negative attitude toward its players owning firearms, even legal ownership. In 2012 the league made its stance clear, published via

Whether possessed legally or illegally, guns and other weapons of any kind are dangerous. You and your family can easily be the losers if you carry or keep these items in your home.

While the statement goes on to acknowledge private gun ownership is legal, the League made it clear it discourages players from owning guns. Luckily for Cox, he decided to ignore the NFL’s weak, politically-driven advice.

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