Montana Governor Steve Bullock pushes for gun control.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock, who also happens to be running for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination, just pulled a Beto. In a series of recent tweets, the governor left little doubt where he stood on gun control.

Governor Steve Bullock Pushes for Gun Control

While Bullock has previously voiced his opinion, it’s still shocking coming for the governor of a state that is largely rural and hunting-friendly.

“I am a hunter and a gun owner,” the governor began on Twitter. “No hunter needs a 30-round magazine, a bump stock, or an assault weapon. A large majority of Americans – Republican and Democrat – agree.” He then shared an NPR post that claimed 60-percent of Americans favor tougher gun laws. The post claimed to cite a new Pew Research poll.

OK, there’s a lot to unpack here, so settle in. Bullock makes a tired argument, claiming to be both a hunter and a gun owner. This argument proves tired because, once again, hunting has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. In fact, as soon as you begin your justification for gun control with claims of hunting, you’ve just alerted 2A supporters of your likely lack of gun knowledge in general.

The Hunting Narrative

So when Bullock continues with “No hunter needs a 30-round magazine, a bump stock, or an assault weapon,” we know what’s up. You know what, a hunter doesn’t need a lot of things. But it’s not about hunting. It is, however, about the unassailable right of every American, hunter or not, to bear arms. To own arms. To, if needed, brandish arms in defense of life and liberty. And this guy wants to be our president?

Bullock went on to post a video of him confronting President Trump last year. The one piece of that footage that proves real is the man’s loss of a loved one, a nephew shot and killed. That’s a horror we hope no family suffers. But the reality remains that evil does exist. Bad men will do bad things. And taking guns from the law abiding does nothing to combat crime.

Here’s the reality: According the FBI, crime and murder rates fell once again. Statistically, so-called “assault rifles” seldom kill anyone, let alone constitute a national epidemic. The data proves this again and again. Steve Bullock chooses to follow a disingenuous narrative, one typical of the anti-gun left.

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