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An Allegheny County judge struck down gun restrictions passed earlier this year in the city of Pittsburgh. The judge sided with gun rights advocates, citing the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act trumps the city’s ability to even pass such legislation at the local level. The Pittsburgh gun ordinances sparked harsh criticism from gun rights advocates.

Judge Strikes Down Pittsburgh Gun Ordinances

“Stated simply, under the doctrine of field preemption, the UFA preempts any local regulation pertaining to the regulation of firearms,” wrote Judge Joseph James, as reported by “The Uniform Firearms Act is a comprehensive statute that evidences an intent by the Legislature to preempt the entire field of firearms and ammunition across the state of Pennsylvania.”

The Pittsburgh legislation sought to prohibit so-called “assault weapons” and “large-capacity magazines” within city limits. It also gave authorities the ability to block those deemed an “imminent risk” from having a gun, according to

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto signed the gun bills back in April. However, James issued a stay, disabling the city’s ability to enforce the laws, until he made his ruling. Meanwhile, the city plans to appeal the judge’s ruling, according to

“The city and its outside legal counsel have always expected this would be a long legal fight, and will continue to fight for the right to take common sense steps to prevent future gun violence,” said Tim McNulty, a spokesman for the mayor, according to “We will appeal.”

Or, you could just recognize the right of the people, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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