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Constitutional Carry, otherwise known as permit-less carry, goes into effect November 1 in Oklahoma. The new law makes Oklahoma the 15th state in the U.S. to recognize Constitutional Carry.

The new law allows people to carry firearms without a permit or required training. Civilians must be at least 21 years old. Meanwhile, military members 18 years of age are authorized to carry.

“Oklahomans are strong supporters of the Second Amendment, and they made their voice known as I traveled across all 77 counties last year,” said Governor Kevin Stitt at the signing, according to fox23.com.

“I would like to thank Representative Jon Echols and Senator Kim David for championing this piece of legislation and for finding balance for both private property owners and our Second Amendment rights,” Stitt said, according to fox23.com.

Oklahoma becomes the 15th state to recognize Constitutional Carry as the law of the land. It joins Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, Maine, Kansas, West Virginia, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Kentucky. Michigan, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio and Texas are reportedly considering similar legislation, according to nationalgunrights.org.

Oklahoma Constitutional Carry Provisions

  • Under the bill, you cannot carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun in public and private schools K-college. Law prohibits carrying in public or private sports arenas, gambling facilities, government buildings, and private businesses, unless allowed by owner.
  • The bill maintains current law that you must pass a background check to purchase a gun.
  • Bill maintains current law that you must disclose guns in your possession when requested by law enforcement officer.
  • The bill maintains current law that those convicted with a felony cannot own or buy a gun.
  • Gun owners can still obtain a license in Oklahoma, with reciprocity recognized in multiple states across the nation.

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