During the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, we got the chance to finally get our hands on the new ammo many have been talking about, Ammo Inc Streak Ammunition. If you haven’t heard of Streak, get ready for something truly unique.

Streak ammo utilizes photoluminescent technology applied to the based of the bullet. Applied in a coating to the base of the projectile, it receives a charge from the muzzle flash. That charge causes the projectile to glow, providing a streak of light as the bullet blazes toward the target. So Streak Ammunition provides a visible trace in both indoor and low-light conditions.

Ammo Inc Streak Ammunition

Especially for civilian shooters, the best thing about Streak ammo is that it isn’t traditional tracer ammunition. Because traditional tracer ammo burns to create light, it presents a fire danger. Many outdoor and indoor ranges alike prohibit the use of traditional tracer rounds.

But more than the ability to shoot virtually anywhere, Streak ammo provides an excellent training tool. It delivers immediate visual data in real time, for both the shooter and the trainer.

“You can shoot it on the indoor ranges, you can shoot it in training,” said Mark Hanish, President, Global Sale & Marketing, Ammo Inc. “With an instructor, it’s very helpful because you can see where the student is shooting on every single shot. You don’t have to fire 10 rounds, pull the target back in, read the tea leaves in what they’re doing. You can exactly see what is happening in real time, as it goes.

STEAK Ammunition comes in several popular pistol and carbine chamberings, including .380 Auto, .38 Spl., 9mm, .40 S&W, .44 Spl., 44 Rem. Mag, .45 Colt and .45 ACP. STREAK Ammunition also comes in two different lines, the Hollow Point Defensive Line and Total Metal Performance Line. The popular 9mm boasts 115-grain, 124-gran, and 147-grain offerings, while .45 ACP comes in two different 230-grain loads. A 90-grain and 100-grain .380 Auto offering, along with 125-grain .38 Spl. loads, should make EDC fans happy. In short, whether everyday carry or a remarkably fun range session, STREAK Ammunition delivers performance to meet that mission.

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