So-called “Mexican Carry” is one of the easiest and most often carry solutions used by shooters. The user simply shoves the gun in his or her beltline at the appendix position. Sometimes that’s all the shooter needs, and scores of undercover officers and criminals alike have used this method of carry since flintlock days.

Blackhawk Junk Drawer

But there’s some problems with this style of carry and foremost among them is that bending over, as in tying a shoelace, can sometimes cause the gun to push up and out of the waistline and clatter to the ground with a deafening and embarrassing thud. Despite this, many continue to use this method eschewing traditional holsters that require threading through the belt or attaching the scabbard to the clothing in some fashion. But for the sake of safety, the trigger guard should be covered and the movement of the firearm limited so it is exactly where you need it for a quick presentation. Blackhawk has a solution called the Tec Grip Junk Drawer, which does these things and is nearly as easy and convenient to use as Mexican Carry. I got a first look at one at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous.

Blackhawk had previously offered the Tec Grip holster and the new Junk Drawer is an improved version. Made from a soft and lightweight neoprene, the outer material provides a tacky grip whether it rides against the skin or a layer of clothing. With the pistol inserted into the Junk Drawer it stays where it’s put! Presentations are speedy with this set-up with the inside of the holster being brushed nylon. One word of caution here; never try to re-holster the gun with the Junk Drawer still in the waistline. Remove it, carefully re-insert the gun and the reposition the Junk Drawer in your waistband.

Versatile Design

I spent another lifetime in the sports-medicine industry selling neoprene braces and wraps. Neoprene traps body heat and will make you sweat. Fortunately, the Tec Grip Junk Drawer is hand washable and the easiest way to clean it, after removing the gun and magazine, of course, is to take it with you in the shower and rinse the irritating body salts off. Let it air dry as the heat from the dryer will damage the material.

Another improvement over the original Tec Grip holster is that there is a magazine pouch included so you can safely and discreetly carry a reload with your gun. Great for deep cover concealment, the Junk Drawer works for right- or left-hand carry and in a variety of sizes, which start at subcompact gun sizes like the Glock 42 and Ruger LCP II and go up in size all the way to Glock 19. The holsters are not model specific, so you’ll need to select a size as close as possible to the gun you intend to carry.

Of course, you can carry other things besides your gun in the Junk Drawer, including but not limited to your wallet, cell phone, passport, etc. The Tec Grip Junk Drawer is available in a stealthy matte black which is perfect for discreet carry. Priced at just $34.95, the Tec Grip Junk Drawer is a convenient way to carry your concealed carry piece along with a reload.

Blackhawk Tec Grip Junk Drawer Size, Fit

  • 4: Glock G42, Taurus Spectrum, Ruger LCP II
  • 5: Glock G43, S&W M&P Shield, Ruger LC9
  • 6: Glock G19, G27, Taurus G2, S&W M&P9

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