There’s a bunch of old adages used when talking about concealed carry. “Use enough gun.” “Can’t use it if you don’t have it.” Or even “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.” But then there’s this: “Have a round chambered.”

The presumed hero in this video did exactly that recently. In this video, reportedly from Johannesburg, South Africa, a bad guy seemingly gets the jump on two men talking by the street. After suspects pull up quickly in a vehicle, an assailant jumps out of the passenger door and immediately pulls a gun.

Round Chambered Proves Decisive

And we’re guessing much to his surprise, one of the would-be victims is strapped himself. But the hero owns one critical tactical advantage over his attacker – he’s got one in the pipe.

Footage shows dramatically just how fast an armed attack can go down. The assailant emerges from the vehicle with his pistol already drawn. Inexplicably, it appears he never charged his weapon. And that’s all the break the man in the blue shirt needs.

In the amount of time the attacker takes attempting to rack the slide and get a round chambered, the defender pulls from what appears to be an appendix carry. He incorporates movement into his draw, creating space between himself and his attacker.

While moving, he begins engaging the suspect, who begins to flee. The man continues to fire on the suspect, advancing his position just a bit, all the while keeping his sights trained on the target. As the video concludes, it appears the man in blue successfully defended himself and others.

There remains a debate out there whether folks should carry with a round in the chamber. Or would it be safer to have a full mag, slide forward on an empty chamber? For this guy, who successfully defended himself, we’re guessing he’s all for carrying in Condition One.

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