It’s been a tough couple of days with several shootings popping off across the country. One that received a lot of media attention, of course, was the Walmart shooting in Duncan, Okla. Just days after the Walmart in El Paso, Texas, finally reopened after its deadly tragedy, now three are dead in a Walmart parking lot in Oklahoma. And that pretty much wraps up the national narrative on the Oklahoma shooting.

Oklahoma Walmart Armed Citizen

Expect it seems there’s more information, underreported by the national media. One eyewitness account tells how the shooting only stopped when an armed citizen approached the gunman in Duncan.

“Another guy ran up there, and he had a gun, and I’d like to know who the other guy was that had the gun,” said an unnamed eyewitness, a self-described Army combat veteran.

Multiple reports say a man dressed in all black walked up to a vehicle outside the Duncan Walmart. There, the gunman opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol, firing up to as many as nine shots into the vehicle. In fact, an image of the victims’ red car shows nine bullet holes in the windshield.

Armed with a pistol, the armed citizen reportedly aimed in on the shooter, stopping the initial onslaught of gunfire. But some time after, the gunman reportedly turned the gun on himself, reported

“But he just stopped him,” the witness said of the armed citizen. “And the guy submitted right away, he just said ‘Hey, I’m done.’ I don’t know if it was a crime of passion … you know I can’t announce for the guy’s problem or whatever he was dealing with at the time.”

With all the power and resources of the big mainstream media, we hope more is uncovered and verified about the actions of this armed citizen in Oklahoma. We’ll update the story as info becomes available.

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