American gun owners own more than 422 million guns, according to the NSSF.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation recently released its 2017 Firearms Production Report to members. The report compiles the most up to date information based on data sourced from BATFE’s Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export Reports. The data estimates 422.9 million firearms owned by U.S. civilians.

American Gun Owners Firearm Data Estimates

  • The estimated total number of firearms in civilian possession from 1986-2018 is 422.9 million. Data reported in the ATF’s Firearms Commerce Report in the United States 2019 report. Includes the preliminary 2018 Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Report (AFMER) figures.
  • 17,740,000 Modern Sporting Rifles are in private ownership today.
  • More than half (54%) of all rifles produced in 2017 were modern sporting rifles.
  • 7,901,218 total firearms produced and imported in 2017. Of those, 4,411,923 were pistols and revolvers, 2,821,945 were rifles and 667,350 were shotguns.
  • An interim 2018 estimate showed 7,660,772 total firearms produced and imported. Of those 4,277,971 were pistols and revolvers, 2,846,757 were rifles and 535,994 were shotguns.
  • Firearms-ammunition manufacturing accounted for nearly 12,000 employees producing over $4.1 billion in goods shipped in 2017. An estimated 8.1 billion rounds, of all calibers and gauges, were produced in 2018 for the U.S. market.

“These figures show the industry that America has a strong desire to continue to purchase firearms for lawful purposes,” said Joe Bartozzi, President of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. “The Modern Sporting Rifle continues to be the most popular centerfire rifle sold in America today and is clearly a commonly-owned firearm with more than 17 million in legal private ownership today. The continued popularity of handguns demonstrates a strong interest by Americans to protect themselves and their homes, and to participate in the recreational shooting sports.”

The report also shows crime and unintentional misuse of firearms fall as gun ownership grows. During the 25-year period, violent crime decreased by 48.6 percent. Meanwhile, unintentional firearm-related fatalities declined 68 percent. More guns, in the hands of more American gun owners, is a good thing.

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