Azimuth Technology recently introduced its newest Ruger 10/22 components, the AZTP-22 Precision Line. The AZTP-22 Precision Line includes barreled actions, receivers, barrels and components.

Azimuth builds the line around an aerospace-grade 7075 billet aluminum receiver. The company CNC machines critical functional sections to tolerances as tight as .0005-inch. The AZTP-22 receiver utilizes a unique dual internal rail design that prevents bolt canting and an integrated Picatinny rail for extreme dependability.

Each AZTP-22 Barreled Action features an AZT match-grade 12-groove precision button rifled .920-inch diameter fluted bull barrel. The barrels come in both 4150 CM and 416R SS, threaded or non-threaded. Each includes a complete matched bolt assembly with stainless steel firing pin and oversized bolt handle. Azimuth’s internal barrel team maintains exceptional concentricity from chamber to crown, according to Azimuth. That concentricity dampens vibration for better barrel harmonics. Azimuth then finishes all AZT barrels with HydraLap, a proprietary bore polishing process.

“After decades of 10/22 production, Ruger’s rimfire has proven itself on the range and in the field,” said Len Zaiser, IV, Chief Executive Officer of Azimuth Technology. “We at Azimuth love this platform and are committed to continued refinement to make the 10/22 rifle platform perform even better.”

The company hand assembles each barrel, precisely torqued to 20 in.-lbs., with witness marks applied to each screw. The company claims MOA accuracy from its 10/22 style Precision Line.

AZTP-22 Precision Line Features

  • Available with Bentz or Sport chambers
  • Integrated Picatinny rail
  • Matching serial numbers
  • Milled, heat-treated 17-4 V-block
  • Pre-torqued hex screws.
  • Milled 17-4 stainless, heat treated bolt
  • Round stainless firing pin
  • Music wire spring
  • Oil port at top of the bolt
  • Sharp milled extractor
  • HydraLap match-grade fluted barrel in 416R stainless or 4150 steel
  • Threaded barrel with 11° match crown

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