Daniel Defense enjoys a well-earned reputation as one of the very best AR manufacturers in the world. Recently the company provided a rare treat. Cameras went behind the current for an exclusive Daniel Defense vault tour. And yes, the DD vault proved its definitely worth the price of admission.

Daniel Defense Vault Tour

The first cool facts that jump out are in the opening scene. Daniel Defense throws up a couple of stats. The 900-square-foot armory provides space for up to 400 guns. Then the camera pans across the room, giving a wide shot of two walls of AR-15 heaven. Watching this video made us all dream of making our own gun rooms, to be sure.

The video shows some old-school rails along with some of the rifles you might expect. An all-white Star Wars storm trooper-looking rifle certainly grabbed the eye. So, too, did a SOCOM specific rail system built to accommodate a grenade launcher and a suppressor on an extremely short 12 1/2-inch M4. Wow. You can just see that bad boy firing an M203 into a cave in Afghanistan or storming bin Laden’s compound. Simply stated, it’s the epitome of bad ass.

Incredibly, Daniel Defense offers tours like this up to the public. Call way ahead of time, and we’re pretty sure they’ll work to accommodate your party.

Remember the old MTV show “Cribs?” Yeah, this is what that show shoulda looked like all along. Maybe we’ll start a “Gun Rooms” show. In the meantime, for more information, visit

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