Galco released the QuickTuk Cloud IWB holster to fit the SIG Sauer P938.

Galco recently announced its newest fit for the QuickTuk Cloud, the SIG Sauer P938. The Galco QuickTuk Cloud combines comfort, convenience, security and efficiency, a perfect addition to a carrier’s EDC toolbox.

Galco QuickTuk Cloud Fits SIG Sauer P938

Because Galco believes comfort is paramount, it designed a system that gun owners are likely to wear. To maximize wearer comfort, the QuickTuk Cloud uses an innovative backing plate composed of a ballistic nylon front over a closed cell foam body. The plate provides padding and moisture wicking via Galco’s Comfort Cloth. It makes the system comfortable to wear for extended hours everyday, according to Galco.

For convenience, the QuickTuk Cloud remains easy to put on and take off. Additionally, it stays secure inside the pants during concealed carry. Galco uses a patent-pending, tuckable polymer UniClip for stability and easy on-off capability. The clip moves up or down in the corresponding holes of the backing plate. This gives users the ability to set the carry height based on preference.

Finally, the QuickTuk delivers an efficient draw stroke due to its rigid, open-top Kydex holster pocket. It helps achieve a full firing grip to help get the gun into action quickly. Additionally, it remains firm for an easy, safe re-holster. All the while, the holster maintains handgun retention, according to Galco.

The QuickTuk Cloud retails for $55. For more information, visit

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