The Magnum Research BFR owns a unique mystique in the world of revolvers. Quite simply, its a beast, capable of handling cartridges that would leave other handguns in pieces. We’re talking big thumpers thee likes of the .450 Marlin, .45-70, .460 S&W, .500 S&W and more.

Magnum Research BFR Details

At the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, we got a sneak peak at a new direction for the BFR, going smaller in caliber. That downsize in cartridge enabled the company to add another round to the cylinder, finally turning the BFR into a legit six-shooter. And when we put some rounds downrange recently, the results spoke for themselves.

“So this is new, typically we’ve been doing a five-shot,” said Joby Goerges, Magnum Research. “We do a lot of large calibers in our BFR. They wouldn’t all fit in a six-shot cylinder, so typically it’s been a five-shot. So we’ve been expanding the line, doing some smaller calibers. This one happens to be in a .357 Magnum. This one we actually made into a six-shot. We’ve also done some six-shot .41 Mags and .44 Mags, and plan on expanding that into some of our other calibers that will fit like our .30-30 Winchester, the .30 Carbine, and maybe a few others as they pop up.

Magnum Research says the company will launch .357 Mag. and .44 Mag. BFR revolvers, with six-shot cylinders, in 2020. The revolvers will feature a Bisley grip frame and rear adjustable sights. Barrel lengths typically range from five to 10 inches, depending on the caliber.

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