Citing the term “ghost gun,” Pennsylvania moved to reclassify previously unregulated 80-percent lowers and receivers used by many DIY gunsmiths. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Tuesday the state’s new legal opinion on 80-percent receivers. From this point forward, Pennsylvania law enforcement will treat them as firearms.

“[Ghost guns] are incredibly easy to make,” said Penn. Attorney General Josh Shapiro, reported “Even I can do it.”

The new measure has the support of Gov. Tom Wolf as well, who spoke at a press conference. “All we’re doing is bringing the gun laws up to speed with what is happening in the real world,” Wolf said, reported

The right to build guns is one that’s in practice as old as the United States itself. In fact, the most famous gun designer of all-time, John Moses Browning, started off as a young man in a garage. As such, many Pennsylvania gun owners believe the new measure serves as an unnecessary prohibition.

“I believe that it’s not a firearm because there’s no cutout. It’s just a solid piece of metal,” said Harrisburg resident and firearm owner Casey Mummert, reported

“Is it two holes, is it three holes, is it four holes?” asked Joe Staudt, president of Staudt’s Gun Shop in Harrisburg, reported “Where do you draw the line when you start saying 80 percent?”

But now 80-percent lowers will be treated like any other firearm in Pennsylvania, regarding gun laws. This includes background checks for all new purchases and prohibitions against possession from any felon.

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