Over the last few years, SCCY has garnered a well-earned reputation for building quality carry guns at an affordable price. During the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, we got the chance to send some rounds downrange with the company’s CPX line of pistols, an impressive lineup of EDC choices. One that stood out was the CPX-4.


“The difference in our CPX-4, between that and our CPX-3, is that we have an ambidextrous safety, as some people prefer,” said Scott McGregor, SCCY. “Our CPX line of pistols are all built in Daytona Beach. They’re all American made; stainless slides and barrels, a Zytel polymer frame; a very high-quality pistol and definitely a great value.”

Many Athlon writers and editors were impressed with the shootability of all the guns in the CPX line. We had folks ringing steel at 100 yards with .380 pistols, regularly. Simply stated, the CPX shoots, and it shoots well. The design felt good in the hand for a small platform.

“In our CPX-4, one thing that we’ve done at SCCY, is we didn’t try to make the smallest .380 pistol; we wanted to make one that was very shootable, that people would actually enjoy shooting, that would hold up to a lot of rounds put through it,” McGregor said. “So we have a wider frame, a heavier slide, and they’re all actually 10+1 rounds, so 11 rounds total. And that extra mass in the slide actually makes them very pleasant to shoot. They’re not snappy like some .380s can be.”

The CPX-1 and CPX-2 pistols come in 9mm, while the CPX-3 and CPX-4 chamber the .380 Auto. Retail prices start as low as $270. For more information, visit

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