The XTEch Tactical Smart Laser uses IR sensors for light and laser activation.

XTech Tactical recently announced the release of its newest firearm accessory, the Smart Laser. The XTech Tactical Smart Laser combines a green laser and 185-lumen LED light for home defense or carry.

XTech Tactical Smart Laser

Designed for full size pistols, the unit features a patented Sensor Mode. That Sensor Mode uses IR sensors on each side of the trigger guard to give the user control over the unit’s activation.

The unit does not require the user’s finger to enter the trigger guard. The Smart Laser activates as the user breaks the plane below the slide. When using a two-thumbs forward grip, the user can activate the unit by lower their off-hand thumb. This allows the user to actuate the light and laser without moving their trigger finger off the slide. Conversely, if the user identifies an immediate threat, the natural action of the trigger finger going towards the trigger activates the unit.

Sensor Mode solves two major problems with alternative units on the market: disclosure of location to a threat and new trained actions under stress, according to XTech Tactical. When activated into Sensor Mode, the unit scans for 14 consecutive hours. It can be restarted or stopped by the user.

The Smart Laser also features ambidextrous manual power buttons if the user desires to use the Smart Laser in a constant on mode. The unit’s sensors come pre-programmed in sensitivity to settings that most users will find ideal. But the sensitivity of each sensor can be adjusted to the exact user preference.

The Smart Laser offers five different combinations of light/laser usage, ranging from laser or light only, to combinations featuring solid on and strobing. The unit has a memory of the user’s last selected setting.

The Smart Laser mounts onto both Picatinny and Glock-style full size pistol rails. The unit retails for $179.95. For more information, visit

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