The Aimpoint CompM5b features a 2 MOA ballistic compensating reticle.

Aimpoint just announced the release of its newest red dot optic: The CompM5b. The Aimpoint CompM5b features a ballistic compensating 2 MOA red dot reticle, taking the reflex sight to greater distances.

Aimpoint CompM5b Details

The CompM5b comes with interchangeable turrets that adjust the point of aim for different calibers. While shooting, users can switch between longer and shorter distances without having to compensate drop or re-zero. Wind compensation adjusts on three levels: Mild, moderate and severe. Adjustment turrets offer customization to meet specific requirements and ballistic profiles.

The CompM5b draws power from a single AAA battery. That simple, readily-available battery provides more than five years of continuous use at daylight position 7. Night vision settings provide more than 10 years of continuous use. Small and compact, the CompM5b takes up minimal space on the gun’s rail as well.

Fully submersible up to 150 feet, the optic works with all generations of Night Vision Devices. A high-grade optical lens system gives the optic exceptional light transmission and dot clarity. It also remains parallax free, according to Aimpoint. Lastly, the sight weighs 6.3 ounces and the standard configuration with the spacer and mount weighs 9 ounces. For more information, visit

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