Gun storage is nothing new. There are plenty of unique and versatile gun storage options on the market. Ballistic just explored Freedom Frames, which are works of art that concealed firearms. But this is a new one, even for us. Perusing the interwebs recently, we ran into what might just comprise the ultimate discreet home defense vault. We found a YouTube page that posted a pair of videos showing a unique gun cabinet. Allegedly working off RFID technology, the gun cabinet appears to open via voice command, using Alexa. That’s right, an Alexa controlled gun vault!

The Alexa Controlled Gun Vault

At first glance, the idea here is brilliant in one regard: Deployment. For anyone that utilizes safes or gun cabinets, we all know the one and only real drawback they present: speed of deployment. Regardless of the mechanism for opening, all guns safes and cabinets take time. It’s simply not as fast as a gun on the dresser, which of course presents problems all its own.

However, the speed at which this cabinet opens still isn’t quite there for home defense either. It’s definitely cool, especially in terms of showing off the gun collection to your friends. However, in terms of real life-or-death speed, it still looks lacking.

Also, we’re still not quite sure how we feel about Alexa controlling a lot of things, especially our self-defense tools. So while that home intelligence tool may be great for some people and scenarios, we’re not quite ready to turn over the keys to the vault quite yet. Remember, the machines become self-aware at some point, and then “Terminator” happens, and then we’re all screwed.

But it’s a really cool idea. This has “John Wick 4” written all over it. Maybe someday we’ll push a button and all the guns will immediately appear. Ah, like heaven.

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