The new CrossBreed Micro Reckoning is specifically designed for micro pistols.

CrossBreed Holsters recently announced its newest holster, the Micro Reckoning Holster. The new rig offers concealed carriers the ability to wear in multiple positions, designed specifically for smaller micro-pistols.

CrossBreed Micro Reckoning Holster

The Micro Reckoning Holster features a smaller backer and works for IWB strong side, appendix or cross draw positions. The Micro also features multiple points of retention adjustment between the Kydex pocket and premium leather backer.

The holster provides comfort along with the ability to convert to an outside of the waistband holster with the addition of OWB hardware available on the product listing.

The new Micro Reckoning Holster fits the SIG Sauer P238 and P938, along with the Kimber Micro 9mm. With the rising popularity in smaller concealed carry pistols, the company expanded the fits on the original Reckoning Holster as well.

Reckoning Holster Fits

  • Ruger Security 9
  • Glock 30S
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .45 ACP
  • Springfield Hellcat and Hellcat OSP
  • Taurus G2C
  • CZ P-07
  • CZP-09
  • Springfield XD Mod 2 45
  • Springfield XDE 9 and 45

CrossBreed also offers Limited Edition Kydex options, changing monthly, on the Reckoning Holster. The latest Limited Edition Reckoning Holster model will be updated on CrossBreed’s website.

Crossbreed offers numerous accessories to complement any concealed carry set up, and all holsters come with the company’s “Two-Week, Try It Free” guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. For more information, visit

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