Daniel Defense is one company that never disappoints when it comes to its firearms. The company definitely has gained a reputation for higher end, incredibly well-built rifles over the past few years. AR pistols with arm braces are ever increasing in popularity, and Daniel Defense has combined its very solid AR platform with the power of the .300 Blackout round now in a very small AR Pistol. The result is the new DDM4 PDW.


The M4 PDW is chambered in .300 BLK with only a 7-inch barrel. Sounds like it may be a handful, but trust me it is a gentle giant at the range. I got to shoot the new M4 PDW in its suppressed configuration, which includes the Daniel Defense Wave Suppressor in front of the very short 7-inch barrel. Overall, the package ranges between 20.75 inches and 24.75  inches, without a suppressor; that’s nice and compact.

Daniel Defense added a 6-inch MFR M-LOK handguard that is designed to stop flush for a perfect closure between barrel and can. It creates an absolute perfect-looking, very short, tight, compact front end on the pistol. Daniel Defense added a Maxim PDW compact brace that will actually push right into the receiver. This makes for an even more compact package when pushed in. The brace is very attractive looking on the pistol as well and a very functional part of the package. The addition of a rubber textured pistol grip tops off the compact package.

Daniel Defense added an ambidextrous charging handle as well as an ambidextrous safety selector for a very user-friendly design for both right- and left-hand shooters or the shooter that likes options. The pistol will be available in the suppressed package that includes the Wave Suppressor and a non-suppressed version that will come with a blast baffle. The Blast Baffle will cut down on the perceived noise levels on the non-suppressed model by pushing the sound of the 300 blackout round out in front of the shooter.

On the Range

I only got a limited time behind the controls of the pistol at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. However, I pulled the Daniel Defense trigger the first time and it was love at first shot. On the range, the gun was easy to control; that kind of surprised me with it being so small and chambered in .300 Blackout. The small size and light weight make it easy and fast to transition the gun from target to target on the range. I easily ran through steel plates at multiple distances quickly and extremely accurately.

The pistol grip feels great, especially when you’re used to a more standard grip that is found on most ARs. It includes a nice rubberized, sort of tire tread-like texturing that gives you a sure hold on your gun. Smaller AR pistols, especially chambered in .300 BLK, can be a handful to control, but the DDM4 PDW was easy to keep on target. Definitely a pistol you could shoot all day at the range and throw right back in the truck for personal defense after.

Classified as a pistol from the factory making it so you don’t have to worry about any special paperwork for Uncle Sam when purchasing the non-suppressed version. The Daniel Defense M4 PDW is a great AR pistol that anyone can find a use for. From personal defense to the range, this pistol is just a user friendly gentle beast. MSRP is $1,865. For more information, visit

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