Federal Punch ammo is designed to perform in typical self-defense scenarios.

Federal Ammunition recently announced the release of its newest self-defense load, Punch. Federal Punch ammunition provides overall performance in typical carry guns, designed to meet concealed carry and self-defense needs.

Federal Punch Ammunition

“Many personal defenders think, ‘If it works for law enforcement then it’s good for me.’ That is a great guideline and still our ultimate recommendation,” said Federal Handgun Ammunition Product Manager Chris Laack. “But that may add features not required for everyday carry for everyone.”

Federal saw a need for a reliable, accurate, terminally effective option that doesn’t have to be the top scoring product in duty ammunition test procedures. The result is Federal Punch.

“Concealed-carry permit holders, especially new shooters, need an uncomplicated answer to the question ‘What ammo do I need for self-defense’,” said Laack. “Things to consider such as function, reliable ignition, barrier performance, terminal performance, ballistics and other considerations are a lot to digest for most people. What some consumers really need to know is it will function in their gun, every time, and that it will be effective stopping a threat as quickly as possible. Punch is our easy answer for them.”

Most concealed carry permit holders need a bullet designed to stop an attacker. It should work effectively in the carrier’s chosen firearm. Punch bullets perform well in the tests that matter most, according to Federal. It delivers penetration and expansion through bare gel and heavy clothing.

Punch features Federal’s smooth-feeding nickel-plated cases and advanced powders. Sealed, high-quality primers provide reliability. Retail prices range from $15.95 to $20.95 per box of 20.

For more information, visit federalpremium.com.

Federal Punch Loads

  • .380 Auto: 85-grain, 1,000 fps
  • .38 Spl. +P: 120-grain, 1,070 fps
  • 9mm: 147-grain, 1,150 fps
  • .40 S&W: 165-garin, 1,130 fps
  • .45 Auto: 230-grain, 890 fps

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