The Jak Slide 2.0 updates a classic holster with a new hybrid design.

Galco recently announced the release of its newest holster, the Jak Slide 2.0. The Galco Jak Slide blends IWB and OWB designs, ultimately riding between the belt and pants. The updated Jak Slide 2.0 improves upon the original leather model with a contemporary hybrid redesign.

Galco Jak Slide 2.0

The Jak Slide 2.0 uses the pressure of the belt to pull the pistol tightly into the body. It gives the carrier almost all the concealability of an IWB design. The concealment level helps nearly all users hide a compact or full-size pistol.

The Jak Slide 2.0 offers the comfort advantages of a belt holster, as the gun rides outside the pants. It eliminates the need to size up on pant size.

One of the holster’s advantages comes form its hybrid construction of leader and Kydex. The rigid Kydex gun pocket keeps the holster open when the gun is drawn. This helps promote a safe, one-handed return to holster.

With a gun removed, the holster becomes nearly unrecognizable as a handgun holster. So when you enter a prohibited area, you can simply remove the gun and not the holster, should the scenario require.

The Jak Slide’s open top promotes a full firing grip. The holster retails for $55. For more information, visit

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