Josh Froelich shoots for Federal Premium, among other companies, and has emerged as one of the top 3-Gun competitors in the world. He also happens to be an avid proponent of conceal carry, and trains hard in pretty much every aspect of shooting. His latest pro tip teaches how to practice target transitions.

Pistol Drawing With Josh Froelich

“Behind me I’ve got two paper,” Froelich explains. “I’m going to shoot ’em each twice. And then I’m going to transition far steel, behind it to the right. I need my eyes to adjust between those targets quickly, so I can first-shot hits on all these targets.”

However, before you can go fast, Froelich explains the importance of a clean, efficient draw. He teaches to firmly grasp the concealment garment in an exaggerated movement, ensuring it clears the pistol. Froelich further advices not to disengage the safety until presenting the pistol with sights on the target.

“Just putting a thumb up underneath the t-shirt’s not quite enough, so I like to use four fingers just so that any type of shirt that I’m wearing, I can get that concealment garment out of the way. So first step, I pick the shirt up high enough, so that it won’t get in the way of the pistol when I’m drawing. Bring it in, get a good grip, come out without taking the safety off yet. Safety starts to come out here, as I’m starting to get the sights on the first target, and then I’m ready to shoot. Great drill for conceal carry and pistol skills.”

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