Several Mossberg Shockwave Scabbard designs provide discreet carry for this unique arm.
(Photo by Alex Landeen)

In 2017, Mossberg introduced the 590 Shockwave, and the entire shooting community sat up and took notice. Featuring a 14-inch barrel and a bird’s-head pistol grip, the 12-gauge pump gun skirted BATFE regulations. It’s legal to own for anyone over 21 years of age who can legally buy a gun. No Class 3 regulations or reams of paperwork and government intrusion are required.

Mossberg Shockwave Scabbard

Manufactured as a “firearm” and not a long gun, shotgun or handgun, the Shockwave is not an NFA short-barreled shotgun (SBS) or “any other weapon” (AOW). Therefore, it requires no tax stamp or arduous qualification process. For responsible and legal firearm owners, the Shockwave offers the devastating and intimidating power of a 12 gauge in a compact package with an overall length of just 26.5 inches.

The compact size of this formidable weapon makes it especially desirable for use in confined quarters. Tight hallways and doorways where a typical shotgun would prove to be a disadvantage are perfect for the compact 590 Shockwave. Over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers and those who spend much of their time in RVs may find this gun to be well-suited for their needs.

Based on Mossberg’s proven 590 action, the Shockwave has twin action bars to eliminate binding and provide smooth cycling. The gun features a steel-on-steel lockup as well as an anti-jam elevator. Mossberg located the safety on the top of the receiver, where the shooter can easily engage or disengage it with the thumb while maintaining a firing grip. The location of the safety makes the gun southpaw-friendly. The bird’s-head Raptor grip places the shooter’s wrist at a neutral angle for comfortable shooting. A wrist strap on the forend keeps the support hand from sliding off with recoil.

Shocking Specs

For its role as a short-distance defender, Mossberg has included a cylinder-bore barrel. My test gun was chambered for 2¾- and 3-inch 12-gauge shells. But the gun can also cycle and fire short shells, such as Aguila’s 1¾-inch Minishells, when used with OPSol’s Mini-Clip 2.0 Flex adapter. For reduced recoil and increased capacity, these little shells make a lot of sense for short-range use.

Mossberg’s Shockwave is a very adaptable gun that is well suited for any number of uses, but I think most people will use it as a vehicle-defense gun. Whether it’s in your car, RV or SUV, the Shockwave makes a perfect anti-carjacking companion. And its popularity has aftermarket accessory manufacturers working overtime so shooters can customize their guns. (Look for an upcoming article on this subject.) Today, we’ll take a look at some innovative and discreet solutions for concealing, protecting and transporting the 590 Shockwave.

5.11 Tactical LV M4 Shorty 18L5.11 Tactical LV M4 Shorty 18L

Designed as a concealment bag for an M4 Carbine, 5.11 Tactical’s LV M4 Shorty 18L bag also works well with the Mossberg 590 Shockwave. The pack has a main compartment pocket that is 29 inches long by 12 inches wide and 2 inches deep, and there are nylon and Velcro straps to keep the gun from shifting. It also has a fleece-lined outer pocket near the top for carrying eye protection, and a second pocket (approximately 20 inches high by 12 inches wide) below that with a laser-cut loop panel as well as a mesh bag to help break up the outline of the gun stowed in the main compartment.

The pack features padded shoulder straps that can be arranged to convert it from backpack to cross-body carry, and there are two grab handles for convenient no-strap carry. 5.11 Tactical places thick padding on the back of the case to protect the wearer’s back and also break up the gun’s profile. Constructed from tough 840-denier ballistic nylon, the LV M4 Shorty bag is a discreet and comfortable way to carry the Shockwave as well as short AR-type rifles and pistols. It has an MSRP of $115. (

DeSantis Kurz Shotgun Case

The DeSantiz Kurz Shotgun Case is designed to fit the 590 Shockwave. It also fits the Remington Model 870 TAC-14 and other guns of similar size. Made from premium center-cut cowhide and trimmed in full-grain saddle leather, the Kurz case is designed for ambidextrous use with a five-shell ammunition carrier that can be moved to either side. Likewise, the shoulder strap can be attached to either side or completely removed from the scabbard. This allows the user to sling the case over their shoulder or across their back to free up their hands for other things. For those who ride motorcycles, carrying your 590 across your back in the Kurz would make quite a sight and most likely reduce the chances of anyone tailgating you.

There’s a leather strap with a button snap on both sides to secure the gun in its scabbard without hindering your access in an emergency. For convenient hand carrying, a padded leather carry handle is attached to the top of the case. All in all, the Kurz is a quality, well-made and well-designed case for the outdoorsman who demands the best. With an MSRP of $90, it’s a bargain. (

Elite Survival Systems Pistol-Grip Shotgun Case

Elite Survival Systems sent me a 31-inch Pistol-Grip Shotgun Case that fit the 590 Shockwave perfectly. If your needs dictate placing the gun behind the seat of your SUV, this padded ballistic nylon case is a handy and economical option. Constructed from durable 1,000-denier nylon, the case features an exterior pocket with a Velcro flap for ammo, flashlight, knife and other gear. Its non-reflective matte black exterior makes the case as unobtrusive as possible. But it also affords the Shockwave good protection from the knocks and dings normally associated with vehicle carry. Inside the case is a full-length internal divider pocket with Velcro closure. The top of the bag has a heavy-duty zipper. A detachable padded shoulder strap and two nylon carry handles provide carry options. In a vehicle, this bag will keep your gun protected for long-term carry. Elite Survival prices this bag at just $70. (

Peak Home Defense Violin Case

Peak Case Co. sent me an innovative case disguised as a violin case and designed for covert carry and transportation of the Shockwave and a couple of handguns. It effectively keeps prying eyes off your gun and presents an innocuous appearance. A precut, rigid foam insert, featuring 59 holes cut for shotshells, holds the Mossberg securely in place. Lifting out the Shockwave insert reveals another insert cut for holding a full-sized pistol, such as a 1911, and one compact gun up to the size of a Glock 19. There’s also plenty of room for magazines and ammo boxes on the lower insert.

Peak builds these cases to last, with an extra-heavy 7mm EVA outer shell reinforced with metal bands. A tough, 1,680-denier ballistic nylon shell covers the case. Instead of using hinges, Peak uses resilient YKK zippers with a TSA-approved combination lock to discourage unauthorized access. Priced at $144, the Peak Home Defense Violin Case offers a lot of value for the money. (

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