Sometimes you run into a thing so incredibly wrong, it nearly floors you. I mean, really wrong. So wrong it boarders on insanity. We experienced just that when we saw a recent video out of embattled Virginia. In it, Virginia Democratic Del. Mark Levine takes firearms misinformation to an all-new level of stupidity.

Virginia Assault Weapons Ban

While speaking at a public meeting, the delegate from Northern Virginia, or NoVa, spews his “knowledge” of so-called assault weapons. It’s important we note his knowledge, as Levine authored and introduced HB 961, which would prohibit the sale and transport and possession of a wide class of semi-automatic firearms, silencers and more.

Levine wants to take away the AR-15, and most anything like it, from Virginians. And as he begins to explain his reasoning, you can actually hear what we can assume are pro-gun folks snickering at his comments. What else can you do but laugh in the face of such dumbfounding ignorance from an elected official.

“In terms of the difference of the guns, the heart of the difference is how you hold the gun,” Levine said. “It makes it a semi-automatic. Meaning you can shoot with each finger, not like a bolt-action.”

Uh, what?

“He knows nothing about what he’s trying to ban,” Erich Pratt, senior vide president of Gun Owners of America, told “Obviously, he’s watched too many movies.”

“It’s clear that he’s way out of league, and he’s the one trying to make law,” Phil Van Cleave, Virginia Citizens Defense League, told

Virginia gun owners remain under siege. While Governor Northam recently declared emergency over a rally, now the buffoonery exhibited by Del. Levine shines light on an even greater problem. Such gross misunderstanding of firearms is shameful, from the biggest supporter of the Virginia Assault Weapons Ban. Good luck Virginians, keep fighting the good fight.

Let Virginia stand as a stark reminder as we head into what is quickly becoming Gun Election 2020. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines for this one.

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