Though his socialist tendencies have always bothered many on the right, Bernie Sanders actually owns a pretty good record on guns. Yep, it may be hard to believe now, but the former Congressman actually used to represent his constituents appropriately, at least in terms of gun control. But Bernie made sure voters knew his current stance at the latest Democratic Presidential debate, where he pushed for an assault weapons ban.

Bernie Sanders Calls for Assault Weapons Ban

In the ’90s, Sanders voted against waiting periods and background checks, among other gun policy. But now he is seeking the Democratic nomination for President, and that gun voting record just won’t do. So he came out, guns blazing, in the form of sweeping gun control at the most recent Democratic Presidential debate.

“Because in 1988 I said that we should ban the sale and distribution of of assault weapons in this country,” Sanders claimed, attempting to re-color his past stance on guns. “That was 30 years ago. Furthermore, I am very proud that today I have a D-minus voting record from the NRA. And under my administration, it will be the American people doing gun policy, not dictated by the NRA.

“In Vermont, until two years ago, we had virtually no gun control legislation at all,” Sanders continued. “And I represented that perspective. The world has changed. In Vermont and in New Hampshire, and all over this country, people are sickened by the mass shootings that we have seen and the gun violence that we have seen. The world has changed, and my views have changed. And my view is, right now, we need universal background checks, we end the gun show loophole, we end the so-called straw man provision, we make certain that we end the sale and distribution of assault weapons in this country, and we go further … we go further.”

Sanders attacked the NRA, turning to the familiar narrative of the left. The NRA works in the shadows, playing puppet master to this fictional all-powerful gun lobby that secretly controls Washington. Groan.

“The bottom line is I will not be intimidated by the NRA. We’re going to run the gun policy that the American people want.”

No sir, you just flip-flopped to win a nomination. You sold out your people in Vermont, and gun owners everywhere, to potentially claim the ultimate throne of power. Follow Gun Election 2020 for more heading into November.

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