The new Chiappa CBR-9 Black Rhino is essentially an out-of-the-box PDW, an original design released recently. The CRB-9 Black Rhino features a built-in pistol brace, making it a legal pistol per ATF guidelines.

Chiappa CBR 9 PDW Details

“What makes this so nifty, it’s basically a PDW out of the box,” said Rob Orgel, reporting from SHOT Show. “And you’ve got this retractable device, which is ATF approved, so it’s still a pistol. You’ve got built-in, fiber-optic sights that are part of the rail. And inside the box, you even have flip-up sights, so if you don’t prefer that basic style of sight, you can go to the more robust.”

An original project, the CBR-9 employs several original solutions and several patents, according to Chiappa. One interesting new feature is the proprietary magazine design.

“Another nifty feature is the magazine. Proprietary usually rubs us wrong. However, what they’re doing is they’re feeding the round off the side of the magazine. So all the spring pressure driving that magazine up, for those of us who have had experience with battery issues on the first or second round, this alleviates all of that spring pressure by feeding it from the side.”

The CBR-9 comes with two 18-round mags. But 30-round mags can be purchased as an aftermarket accessory. For more information, please visit

Chiappa CBR-9 Black Rhino Specs

  • Type of Gun: Pistol
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • Overall Barrel Length: 9 inches
  • Overall Capacity: 18+1
  • Trigger System: Single
  • Grips: Synthetic Pistol Grip
  • Stock: Polymer
  • Front Sight: Fixed Fiber-Optic + Flip Up
  • Rear Sight: Fixed Fiber-Optic + Flip Up
  • Safety: Automatic, Trigger and Manual
  • Overall Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Overall Length: 16.9 inches
  • Material: Steel/Polymer
  • Finish: Blued/Matte Black
  • Extraction: Auto Ejection
  • Notes: Includes two magazines, loader
  • MSRP: $1,969

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