Diamondback Firearms jumped into the suddenly popular 5.7x28mm movement with a new pistol. The DBX 5.7 semi-auto pistol chambers the trending fast cartridge and sports an 8-inch barrel.

Diamondback DBX 5.7

The pistol comes with a standard AR-15 mil-spec trigger and a Magpul MOE-K grip. It features a hard coat anodized 7075 aluminum frame and a 6061 aluminum handguard. It includes a DBX muzzle device, Magpul Handstop kit and a 20-round magazine.

The pistol also comes equipped with a rear Picatinny-mounted, side-folding brace. The brace gives the pistol a 25.4-inch overall length, versus 16.1 inches without. The pistol owns a slim profile of just 1.25 inches and weights three pounds overall unloaded (without brace).

“Diamondback Firearms has worked hard to offer not only a new and different product, but something truly innovative for shooters to enjoy,” said Kaley Cox, Marketing Director for Diamondback America. “We are very excited to bring our customers the DBX 5.7 and introduce them to something beyond the traditional pistol or carbine on the market.”

The DBX 5.7 joins recent introduction by Ruger and CMMG in the growing field of weapons chambering the flat, fast 5.7x28mm cartridge.

Projected MSRP is $1,299. For more information about Diamondback Firearms, visit

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