Taking the high concealment of the Miami Classic, in a traditional vertical carry, the Galco Ruger-57 Vertical Holster System is built military tough.

Galco just announced a Ruger-57 Vertical Holster System fit, brining another carry option to the suddenly popular 5.7 cartridge pistol. The Ruger-57, the first of several arms ushering a new interest in the cartridge, holds 20 rounds.

Ruger-57 Vertical Holster System

Galco’s original Vertical Holster System (VHS) saw action in the Middle East. Thousands of U.S. personnel used the VHS during fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Galco. For some time, law enforcement officers, pilots and civilians alike utilized the unique system for carry.

Refined and improved in 2019, the VHS 3.0 brings a reshaping/redesign of the harness straps. Galco also replaced the harness screws with a key-hole harness fastener attachment. Finally, Galco added new tie-down system. The updated system uses a four-point harness that pivots independently. It connects by the company’s Flexalon swivel back plate. The result is a perfect fit and lasting comfort with all body sizes and shapes, according to Galco.

The VHS 3.0 comes with a vertical holster, harness, ammo carrier, tie-downs and a set of harness fasteners. Fully modular, Galco offers optional accessories and components separately.

Whether for duty or concealed carry, plinking or hunting afield, the VHS 3.0 delivers secure, concealable carry. Lastly, the system retails for $259. For more information, visit galcogunleather.com.

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