Galco released its signature Tuck-N-Go for the Glock G48.

Galco recently announced the release of a new holster, one sure to become popular with concealed carriers. The Galco Tuck-N-Go now fits the popular Glock 48.

Galco Tuck-N-Go

The Tuck-N-Go resides in the Galco Concealed Carry Lite line of holsters. The holster merges quality, comfort and high performance while remaining extremely affordable as an EDC option.

The Tuck-N-Go’s open top and full firing grip accessibility combine for a fast, easy draw. The reinforced holster mouth provides a safe and simple return to holster.

The Tuck-N-Go’s versatility comes from its adjustability for cant and angle. Like to carry in the currently-hot appendix position? Adjust the belt clip to a neutral (vertical) cant. Prefer the traditional strongside behind-the-hip position? Just angle the clip to accommodate. Like a crossdraw carry? Move the clip the other direction.

The addition of interchangeable belt clips also adds to the ambidextrous holster’s versatility. The Tuck-N-Go 2.0 comes with two types of tuckable clips. The first is the UniClip, designed to go over the belt, but which also works well without a belt. The second is the Ultimate Stealth clip with hook, which fits on the trouser waistband, under or behind a belt with just the clip showing. These sturdy, quick on-off polymer clips fit belts up to 1 ¾ inches.

The Tuck-N-Go’s pliable and durable Premium Center Cut Steerhide construction gives it an edge in comfort, even when pressed against your body all day every day, according to Galco.

The Tuck-N-Go retails for $49. For more information, visit

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