Make no mistake, the candidates vying for the upcoming Democratic nomination have one thing in common: They’re gunning for our Second Amendment rights. The collection of front runners agree on very little, however, they are unified in their unilateral attack upon the Constitution. Welcome to Gun Election 2020. And gun ownership as we know it hangs in the balance.

Gun Election 2020

If anyone had any lingering doubts, Tuesday’s debate in South Carolina illuminated each and every anti-gun position. It isn’t whether or not any one of the candidates wants to ban assault weapons or more. It’s a question of how much more anti-gun one can prove him or herself over the rest. Much of the debate was an out-anti-gun contest of misrepresented facts and outright fabrications (see Joe Biden’s 150 million comment).

While many gun owners tend to be Republicans, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. We know plenty of gun-toting folks ready to debate the merits of abortion, marijuana, immigration, gay marriage, race or women’s rights. Not every rank-and-file gun owner should need to be a registered Republican.

But somewhere along the say, Democrats decided to completely and forever turn its back on the American gun owner. According to Politico, 13 candidates, including Michael Bloomberg and Amy Klobuchar, support an assault weapons ban. So do the rest, but officially nine others, including Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, favor a voluntary buyback program. This policy almost assuredly would also be an assault weapon ban, or linked to one.

The False Narrative of the Black Gun

And it’s not just that these politicians support the other side of a position. No, it’s the rhetoric and the outright dishonesty that give us nightmares. To put all this energy into semi-automatic rifles, which the FBI showed less than 300 people died by murder from a rifle in 2018, shows the true nature of gun control. Even though more than 6,600 murders reportedly happened with a handgun, Democrats choose to go after a tool that is far and away much less of a threat. Why? Because it’s easier.

That dishonesty, that lack of conviction to truly be about helping people in need, that blind attack against what in reality is nothing more than a false narrative; it can’t be ignored, underestimated or even forgiven. And not only is the Oval Office at stake, but also the Senate, not to mention the direction of Supreme Court Justices that will shape the fight for gun rights for another generation.

There can be no more debate. Democrats are coming for your guns. All of them. First assault weapons, then bolt guns, shotguns, handguns — all of them. Each and every one until every gun is gone. And then the left-leaning politicians will finally sleep soundly in their beds, knowing they took all the guns off the street, expect the ones carried by their heavily armed protection teams, of course. Because you see, they still to keep their guns. But you don’t.

Welcome to Gun Election 2020.

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