“Sexy and accurate.” That’s how Honor Defense describes its newest personal protection gun, the Pro9. The new Pro9 delivers higher capacity over previous models, and does so in style with striking gold components.

Two ten-round magazines come with the Pro9. It also features a new gold, flat tactical trigger. The ported slide exhibits a gold barrel as well. The pistol comes as either a 3.8-inch compact or a 3.2-inch subcompact model.

Like all the company’s pistols, the Pro9 gets made 100-percent in the U.S., assembled by Veterans. Additionally, the pistol includes a polished stainless steel chassis with a crowned barrel. It delivers exceptional accuracy, according to Honor Defense.

The pistol comes with a lifetime warranty, and no trigger pull or tools are needed for disassembly. The pistol allows flexibility for consumers, as it utilizes sights compatible with the G42/43. Hyve extensions fit the magazine for more capacity as well.

“We already have orders and are reaching out to our top Distributors and Dealers for shipments starting in April,” said Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense.

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Pro9 Features

  • Ported Slide
  • Gold barrel
  • Gold two-piece tactical flat trigger
  • Two 10-round magazines
  • 100% USA
  • Assembled by Veterans
  • Ambidextrous
  • Snag-free design
  • No Trigger pull for dis-assembly
  • Crowned barrel for accuracy

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