An image of some of the protestors Esquire said looked to violate red flag law.
(Photo by Kerry Slone)

More than 200 Second Amendment advocates went to the Kentucky capitol in Frankfort on Jan. 31 to protest pending gun control legislation. With a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement in full swing, Kentuckians cited Virginia’s recent problems with anti-gun legislation for sparking renewed interest in civic protest. Simply stated, Kentucky gun owners came out in opposition of new guns laws. They wanted their voices heard on Kentucky red flag law and more.

Kentucky Gun Owners Protest Red Flag Law, Gun Control

The activists reportedly came from all walks of life, and the event was relatively quiet. And these gun owners, many of them armed with AR-15s, even carried their “scary guns” into the capitol building without incident. But several media outlets reported negatively, using the protestors as an example of the need for more laws. Esquire went so far to say the Kentuckians proved the need for and appeared to violate the very red flag law they protested.

“If seeing someone in public who’s dressed in a ski mask and tactical gear, and carrying an automatic weapon or two doesn’t raise a red flag, I’m not sure what does,” said an op-ed on

To be fair, the weather proved both cold and rainy in Frankfort on Jan. 31. The low that morning dipped to 36 degrees. So ski masks were pretty applicable given the temps. Furthermore, we’ve looked over the photos from the event. Tactical gear and “automatic weapons” are nothing more than ballistic nylon and civilian-legal AR-15s. But this crowd included a lot of regular “Joes” and “Janes,” peacefully and legally participating in the democratic process. But the MSM didn’t have much to say about that.

We get it. Anti-gun editors from the likes of Esquire fear a free, armed America. Well that’s too bad, because the our Constitution says otherwise.

Bogus Stats

The Esquire editorial then attempted to back up its fears with the bogus stat of our country enduring 417 mass shootings in 2019. Citing the manipulative Gun Violence Archive, the data combines nearly every type of shooting incident to pump up the numbers and claim them mass shootings. It’s a farce that attempts to fool people into thinking 417 school shootings, or the like, happened in a year.

“The photos here offer a chilling look at the lengths Second Amendment supporters will go for their cause,” the op-ed continued. “It’s hard to wrap your head around how a group of masked men and women strapped with death machines is an effective way to combat the stigma surrounding gun owners, but here we are.”

Yes Esquire, here we are indeed. When anti-gun rags such as yours continue to blindly cite bogus stats, this is what you get. When anti-gun media continue to support gun control laws, this is what you get. And when one group continues to attempt to take rights away from the people, then as you say, here we are. And here we shall remain.

You call us chilling. But in fact, we are vigilant. Forevermore.

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