During the recent SHOT Show, we caught up with KRISS USA, and saw its newest introduction, the Vector .22 LR. The .22 caliber KRISS Vector comes in both rifle and pistol variants, offering colors in FDE, black and alpine white.

KRISS Vector .22 LR Details

“This is a new product,” explained KRISS Marketing Manager Tim Seargeant. “It’s kind of a new entry level version of the KRISS Vector. It’s going to MSRP for $649. No Super V recoil mitigation in this one, don’t really need it with a .22. But we do have a direct blowback, very similar to other semi-auto rimfires on the market.”

The KRISS Vector .22 LR comes in a carbine (Vector CRB) and pistol configuration (Vector SDP-SB). Both guns ship with a 10-round magazine, but 30-round magazines will be available in the future, according to KRISS. Better still, each model comes pre-threaded for suppressor use.

“It’s 1/2-28 threaded on both the 16-inch barrel and the 6 1/2-inch barrel,” Seargeant said.

The CRB model comes with a M-LOK modular handguard and a Picatinny top rail. Additionally, low-profile front and rear flip-up sights, an ambidextrous safety and a 6-position M4 stock come standard. Meanwhile, the SDP-SB comes with a short, 6 1/2-inch threaded barrel. It also features a Picatinny top rail with low profile and rear flip-up sights, an ambi safety and a SB Tactical Stabilizing Brace. For more information, visit

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