Now blasting 1,000 lumens of white light, the Streamlight TLR series of weapon-mounted lights help you control the darkness for home defense or carry.

Streamlight just improved and increased the output of it’s popular TLR light of high-lumen, gun-mounted lights. The TLR-1 HL, TLR-2 HL, TLR-2HL G and TLR-1 HPL each now deliver 1,000 lumens of white light.

Streamlight TLR Weapon Lights

“Tactical users and outdoor enthusiasts alike will appreciate the increased brightness of these rugged, yet compact and lightweight TLR models,” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah. “The TLR-1 HL, TLR-2 HL and TLR-2 HL G are designed to provide full situational awareness, offering a wide beam pattern that is similar to a floodlight for a variety of tactical maneuvers such as clearing a dark room, searching alleys, or other outdoor uses. The high performance TLR-1 HPL also functions as a high lumen light, while delivering a brighter hotspot which puts more light on a target at a distance.”

In addition to enhanced lumen capability, the TLR-1 HL, TLR-2 HL and TLR-2 HL G also now offer 20,000 candela and a 283-meter beam distance. Meanwhile, the TLR-1 HPL provides 60,000 candela and a 490-meter beam distance. Each light runs continuously for 1.5 hours. The TLR-2 HL also comes with a 640-660 nanometer integrated red aiming laser for long-range targeting. The TLR-2 HL G features a 510-530 nanometer green aiming laser to improve focusing on targets, particularly in daylight.

The upgraded lights feature the latest in LED technology, including a shock-proof high-power LED. All four models also feature strobing capability. The feature gives the added benefit of being able to signal in the field or disorient targets, according to Streamlight.

The enhanced TLR models attach to most weapons. They all mount directly to Picatinny rails and handguns with Glock-style rails. Each offers highly accurate sight repeatability when remounting. A key kit with six interchangeable keys comes with each light.

Streamlight fabricates all lights from 6000 series machined aluminum. They feature impact-resistant construction and have been extensively live-fired, according to Streamlight. They each use two included 3-volt, CR123A lithium batteries.

The lights retail from $243 to $634. For more information, visit

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