The Virginia Senate shot down a proposed assault weapon ban.

In a shocking turn, the Virginia Senate voted down the proposed assault weapon ban. Instead, the lawmakers voted to put off any action for a year, pending a state study on the issue.

Virginia Senate Rejects Assault Weapon Ban, For Now

The outcome drew cheers from a committee room packed with gun advocates and supporters, according Four Democrats joined Republicans in the vote that rejected proposed legislation prohibiting the sale of many semi-automatic rifles. The legislation targeted AR-15s and magazines that held more than 12 rounds.

The new Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, and several Democrats made gun control a priority upon entering office. But gun owners and 2A supporters pushed back hard. Much of the state voted to become a 2A Sanctuary. Then Virginians held a massive rally at the capitol, sending the Governor into a tizzy, scared by his own constituents choosing to assemble.

Today marks a rare win in Virginia, if only a temporary one. Both the House and Senate recently passed several gun control bills. Democrats successfully limited handgun purchases to one per month, red flag law gave power to authorities and more localities can now ban guns in public buildings.

“I’m happy about it, but I don’t trust them,” said David Majure, a gun-rights supporter in attendance, according to

Indeed sir, the fight is just beginning in Virginia. Follow Gun Election 2020 for more coverage leading up to November.

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