A troubling story comes to us today out of California, as Asian Americans reportedly are buying up guns in droves, out of fear of coronavirus-fueled racial discrimination. The movement comes as Americans across the country continue reacting to a real coronavirus threat. Unfortunately, some Asian Americans fear they may have to defend themselves from racial retribution for the virus that reportedly originated in China.

Asian Americans Buy Guns Over Coronavirus Discrimination

“Normally, we’re a pretty busy store,” Dennis Lin told Lin owns Gun Effects and Cloud Nine Fishing in Industry, California. “But this made it really, really crazy.

“Just people discriminating,” Lin continued. “We forget, we’re all people. We’re in America, we’re not in China. … I think this coronavirus was really a tipping point for everybody. I think they’re more worried about themselves and their families, and there is nothing wrong with that.”

On one hand, there is a silver lining here. Even though California owns some of the most restrictive gun policies in the country, you can still own weapons there. Let’s just hope no one loses their life while they wait 10 days to receive their first purchased handgun. Otherwise, seeing these Americans out in force, exercising their 2nd Amendment right, that’s how it’s supposed to work. They have a fear. They want to take responsibility for their own safety and protection. And they’re getting it done.

On the other hand, let this serve as a stark reminder going forward. Regardless of how you might feel about the coronavirus and its potential lethality, the American people are reacting. If you don’t think so, just head to the grocery store and attempt to buy toilet paper or Clorox wipes.

There’s a real chance this is only the beginning of more to come. Runs on food, medicine, batteries, water, if judging by paper goods and hand sanitizer, could ignite soon. Runs on guns and ammunition could potentially follow.

We aren’t predicting doom here at PDW. But some people are stocking up on essentials. With sporting events, universities and hosts of social and business functions cancelling across the country, let’s hope this isn’t just the first reported fears of human violence.

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