Crazy Joe really lived up to his name while campaigning Tuesday in Michigan ahead of Mini-Super Tuesday. A video going full-on viral via social media shows Biden go nuts on a Detroit auto worker supporting the Second Amendment. Where do we start? Is it with Biden telling the worker he’s “full of shit”? Or maybe when he shushes a female aide? Or maybe when Biden references the AR-14? Let’s dive in.

Biden, the ‘Horse’s Ass,’ and the AR-14

The altercation occurrs as the auto worker challenges Biden for “actively trying to end our Second Amendment rights and take away our guns,” reported To that, Biden immediately becomes angry, telling the worker he’s “full of shit,” as you can hear in the video. Biden then apparently angrily shushes a female aide so he can attempt to walk back his previous, well-documented comments. After that, he starts to call the man a “horse’s ass.”

While lying about what he had previously said, Biden attempts tried and true Democratic narratives. He shouts, “Do you need 100 rounds?!?” “Are you able to own a machine gun?” He also lies about supporting the Second Amendment and screams over non-existent AR-14s; pretty usual Biden fare really.

Biden then, shockingly, walks toward the auto worker in a pretty intimidating manner. He then allegedly says something to the man about pushing him. The man replies, quite clearly and aggressively, “You’re pushing up on me.” And for a brief second, we all thought a gun-loving Detroit auto worker was about to hand Joe Biden his ass. Sigh, alas Biden’s handlers usher him away.

We just reported how Biden received an endorsement from Everytown for Gun Safety. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization additionally pledged $60 million to influence Gun Election 2020. They’re out to take the presidency and flip as many Senate and Congressional seats as possible.

Biden needs Michigan, both for its delegate and then again in November if he gets the nomination. Tuesday he proved he’s no friend to the gun-owning, working man. Let’s hope all the auto workers commit this performance to long memory. Here’s a better angle of the video.

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