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As a red-blooded American firearm owner, let’s face it, you wanted zombies. Frankly, we all did. Tactical Life even has its own zombie apocalypse gun and weapon guide. That, however, is just not the way the world works. Occam’s razor is a famous philosophical principle which nearly always applies. That is, the simplest, and probably most boring, explanation is always the best one. So instead of fighting theatrical zombie mobs here we are fighting over TP with Costco shoppers and navigating online price gougers before we’re inevitably forced to hunker down with our families (gasp).

Coronavirus Home Defense Checklist

The COVID-19 outbreak won’t be toppling our government or wiping out great swaths of our population, but a little scarcity, a dash of conspiracy, and some media driven panic—like Asian Americans arming themselves in fear of retribution over the coronavirus—can go a long way. You’ve no doubt considered the possibility of a government mandated lock down or martial law. And if you have any sense, you’ve stocked up just a little extra on the essentials in case shit goes sideways in the next couple weeks. We are, after all, in uncharted territory.

While you may think you’ve covered all your bases—water, non-perishable food, and batteries—how sure are you that you didn’t just spend all that time and money stocking up for the toughest dude in your neighborhood? Assuming your castle doesn’t have an alligator-filled moat around it, you need to seriously consider how well you’re prepared to protect yourself and what’s yours. Also, if anyone wants to get a moat building service started, please contact me. The following is the short coronavirus home defense checklist (or any disaster, for that matter).

1. Guns & Ammo

Not the magazine — stick to Athlon Outdoors’ lineup of magazines. No need to panic buy guns, but better to have ’em and not need ’em than need ’em and not have ’em. Right?

2. Discretion Goes a Long Way

Remember, this isn’t Fallujah or “The Walking Dead.” Don’t go digging a trench in the front lawn or otherwise making yourself a target by picking fights.

3. Teamwork Is Key

Your neighbor has just as big a stake in protecting your neighborhood as you do. Communicate with those around you, share resources, and work together to make sure everyone is safe. If rioting and looting gets bad enough, you’ll be glad you have each other.

4. Keep Guns Out of Sight

Guns are as valuable a resource as any in a disaster scenario, which makes them a target for theft. Also, keep in mind that police, if they’re still active, may take to disarming people in an effort to curb violence at some point.

5. Don’t Die on Every Hill

Looting is your primary threat, and while you must protect the boundaries of your house, a little property isn’t worth dying over. Let them take the radio out of your car or run off with your bicycle. Remember, this isn’t an action movie and gunfights are a two-way street. Carefully consider what you’re willing to risk your life for.

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