CrossBreed holsters recently launched several holsters for the new FN 503.

On Tuesday, FN made headlines with the launch of its newest pistol, the 503. Since then, several accessory companies announced products to support the new concealed carry pistol. Now CrossBreed Holsters joins that list, launching an incredible 25 holster fits for the new FN 503.

CrossBreed Holsters Launches 25 FN 503 Fits

Micro-sized 9mm pistols have become one of the hottest trends in the firearms industry. Everyday carriers appreciate a small, lightweight design to carry in any weather or clothing combination. Gun companies now offer several models that measure smaller than ever before. That small size contributes to the style’s popularity, making everyday carry more easily accomplished, no matter the scenario.

CrossBreed updated its product listing to included multiple fits for the FN 503. Working with FN for months ahead of the release, CrossBreed now offers a holster to fit virtually any preferred method of concealed carry. And with FN dropping the 503, its first single-stack, purpose-built carry gun, its sure to be a popular EDC choice.

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CrossBreed Holsters FN 503 Fits

  • Hybrid MT2 Holster
  • SuperTuck
  • MiniTuck
  • The Reckoning
  • Freedom Carry
  • Appendix Carry
  • SnapSlide
  • DropSlide
  • SuperSlide
  • Modular Belly Band
  • Purse Defender
  • Small Purse Defender
  • Cargo Pocket Rocket
  • The Gideon Pocket Mag Carrier
  • OWB Mag Carrier
  • Tuckable IWB Magazine Carrier
  • Purse Defender Magazine Carrier
  • Last Ditch
  • Ohai Modular Holster
  • Bedside Backup
  • Pac Mat Holster
  • Mini Pac Mat Holster
  • Pac Mat Magazine Carrier
  • Ankle Holster
  • Quick Ship Bundle Packages

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