Pete King signs Assault Weapons Ban
(Photo by CBS Chicago)

The City of Champaign, Illinois made headlines Friday, becoming the first locality in the country to pass an ordinance enabling its mayor to squash Second Amendment rights over the novel coronavirus pandemic. Since then, the city released a special statement, clarifying it had not banned guns and ammunition, seized property or banned the sale of alcohol or gas.

No, it hasn’t yet. But with this emergency declaration, it can.

Illinois City Gun Ban Details

“The ordinance in Champaign serves as a warning bell to law-abiding gun owners nationwide,” said an NRA-ILA release. “We must be on high alert for any attempts to destroy the Second Amendment in jurisdictions throughout the country.”

The ordinance stands as a chilling preview of what could potentially come down the pike should the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to spread in the U.S. The order enables the mayor or institute a curfew, close all retail liquor stores and discontinue alcohol sales. It also legalizes rationing, fixed or freezing prices. Lastly, government can seize any real or personal property, including a person’s home.

What amounts to near martial law, the ordinance also enables the government to stop the sale of guns. “Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing or giving away of explosives or explosive agents, firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever,” the ordinance reads.

A clear run on food and supplies is underway. Several governments also called for closures of non-essential businesses already, and a near complete shutdown across the country looms eminent. The coronavirus, and COVID-19, have created a reality most Americans have not experienced in their lifetime. Stay aware, be smart and stay home as much as possible. Stay safe.

With most health experts warning daily the potential and likelihood of the virus to spread, this order looms even larger. With more cases comes more panic. Other municipalities could potentially follow Champaign’s lead. We’ll keep you posted.

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