The JP Law Tactical Series Silent Captured Springs work with Law Tactical's famous adapter, that enables folding stocks on direct impingement AR-15s.

JP Enterprises recently released its Law Tactical Series of Silent Captured Springs. The accessory marks the first buffer spring substitution component certified as compatible by Law Tactical. The Silent Captured Springs work with the popular Law Tactical stock adapters that enable folding stocks on AR-style, direct impingement rifles.

JP Law Tactical Series Silent Captured Springs

JP collaborated with Law Tactical to develop an alternative design. Taking the company’s own popular Silent Captured Spring system, JP made it fully compatible with Law Tactical’s Gen 3 folding stock adapter. Beyond function, the Law Tactical series of buffer springs reaches a previously unmet threshold for durability and safety, according to JP.

“Law Tactical takes the real-world use of their stock adapter very seriously,” said JP founder and head of product development, John Paul. “While some third-party adapters made use of the SCS possible with the Law adapter, nothing met their demanding function testing regimen until now.”

Both JP’s Silent Captured Spring (SCS) and the original Law Tactical folding adapter debuted in 2012. But the combo lacked any true compatibility due to differing designs. Since then, Law Tactical’s folder became the premier device of its type, according to JP. It delivers both ultra-compact storage and transportation with a folding, AR design.

The Law Tactical Series SCS come in both small-frame (AR-15) and large-frame (AR-10) designs. Standard configurations will function in most rifles with alternate heavy buffer models optimized for specialty use. This includes suppressed or short-barreled rifles. JP plans to offer a conversion kit to reconfigure existing SCS for use with the Law Tactical folder soon.

Retail prices range from $195.95 (AR-15 Standard) to $244.95 (AR-10 Heavy H). Meanwhile, the conversion kit retails for $99.95. Brownells serves as the premier distributor for JP’s Law Tactical Series Silent Captured Springs. For more information, visit

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