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The NRA took another hit Thursday, announcing the cancellation of the 2020 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville. NRA, like so many other events, cancelled over ongoing concerns regarding the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Thursday proved a tough day for nearly every segment of American life. Many schools and most sporting events postponed, closed or shut down indefinitely. State governors issued warnings and cautions, with states going so far as to ban large gatherings completely. Now the NRA becomes the latest domino to fall, leaving yet another ripple of economic impact. A recent NRA press release issued the announcement.

(W)e have reluctantly decided to cancel this year’s NRA Annual Meeting, planned for April 16-19 in Nashville. This applies to all events and scheduled programs, including the NRA-ILA Forum. We sincerely regret the need for this action, particularly for our many loyal members who join us for the annual celebration of the NRA and our constitutional freedoms. Details regarding a rescheduled NRA Members’ Meeting will be forthcoming.

This is likely a real hit for the organization, as the Annual Meeting most assuredly brings coin to the coffer. There’s also a tremendous amount of business accomplished during the event. But for America’s oldest and largest gun rights organization, there’s even more at stake. NRA just flat out needs a win.

Last year saw the dismissal of key personnel, including ILA Executive Director Chris Cox and president Oliver North. NRA also suffered through the epic failure of the Carry Guard insurance program. Meanwhile, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety seeded The Trace, a non-profit media group, that has come guns blazing after NRA with story after damning story. Now the NRA faces litigation on two fronts, with court battles raging against the state of New York and NRA’s former PR firm, Ackerman McQueen.

And while many call for change in NRA leadership, and that may rightly be the right course, we also need some level of calm. We need the NRA to steady its bow, and lean into Gun Election 2020. Everytown for Gun Safety has pledged $60 million to shape the coming election. With a weakened NRA, Bloomberg’s hacks smell blood in the water. Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic candidate, professed he’s coming for our guns.

We need the NRA back on its feet, ready to stand and fight.

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