Renewed momentum for the 5.7x28mm cartridge continues as DeSantis releases 8 new Ruger 57 holster fits, giving even more choices for concealed carry.

One of the surprising trends of 2020 has been the resurgence of the 5.7x28mm FN cartridge. Once nearly completely exclusive to the Five-seveN pistol, the Ruger-57 seemingly ushered in a new gold rush of 5.7 interest. And now even as other manufacturers chamber guns, and additional ammo hits the market, the Ruger 57 holster category continues to swell.

Eight DeSantis Ruger 57 Holster Fits

DeSanstis remains one of the most trusted holster makers in the business. And the New York manufacturer just announced the release of eight new holster fits for the surging Ruger-57.

DS Paddle

The DS Paddle holster is light, incredibly durable and custom molded to pair perfectly with your firearm, according to DeSantis. The Kydex holster features pin-point precision molding, so there is minimal friction when drawing your gun. A unique dual tension device keeps your gun planted in the holster for realistic everyday carry. Customization is possible for both front and rearward cant. The DS Paddle also comes with optional belt attachment. MSRP is $48.99

Speed Scabbard

This holster is designed to meet the needs of plainclothes professionals preferring a holster without a thumb break while still providing firearm retention. This is accomplished with precise molding and tension screw device on most models. Belt slots are 1 3/4 inches wide. MSRP is $78.99

Thumb Break Mini Slide

Premium saddle leather, double seams and a highly detailed molded fit, make this exposed muzzle, tight fitting, two-slot holster a great choice for your favorite pistol. It features an adjustable-tension device. Belt slots are 1 3/4 inches wide. MSRP is $76.99

Mini Slide

This holster features double stitched seams and precision molding. It is designed to meet the needs of plain-clothes professions preferring a tight riding holster without a thumb break. It is fitted with a tension screw device and 1 ¾-inch slots. MSRP is $73.99

Dual Angle Hunter Hybrid

The Dual Angle Hunter Hybrid, #M90, is the latest rendition of our very successful original Hunter from the 1970s. The Hybrid utilizes 1060D Senior Ballistic Nylon and a smooth pack cloth lining with a core of closed cell foam. The upper portion is made from premium saddle leather. It is ambidextrous without any adjustments for hand preference. Available immediately from inventory for most 4-inch and 6-inch hunting revolvers. MSRP is $44.99.

The Woodsman

The Woodsman is available in two versions: soft black leather inside and a waterproof, durable synthetic exterior finish, and the other one from lined, molded premium tan saddle leather. Available for both right and left-hand shooters. Accommodates belts up to 2 1/4 inches wide. MSRP is $47.99. For Tan versions, add $33.00

Double Magazine Pouch

This double magazine pouch features a snap-to-the-belt design. It carries horizontal or vertical. Available in black or tan unlined leather. Accommodates belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide. Fully adjustable dual tension device. MSRP is $60.99.

S.S. Single Magazine Pouch

The #A48 features an adjustable tensioning device. The belt loop has a slight angle to make retrieval of your magazine easier. Available in black or tan unlined leather. Accommodates belts up to 1 1/2 inches wide. The holster comes in left- or right-and models. Right hand pouches wear on left side. Left hand pouches wear on right side. MSRP is $39.99.

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